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What we do?

Our future-oriented work aims to support every young person to have a sense of meaningfulness in their life. Take a closer look at our work.


Our Dreams-programme strengthens youth’s faith in the future and encourages them to take concrete steps towards their dreams. The programme consists of school visits made by known Finnish faces, Dreamsters. They inspire and share their own stories with the students.

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The world is changing more rapidly than ever. Our youth will grow up to face a future that is radically different than the world today. Tulevaisuuskoulu (‘Futures School’) teaches skills and knowledge that help cope with the rapidly changing and uncertain future.

Read Hour

Read Hour campaign challenges whole Finland to read for an hour on UN’s literacy day the 8th September.

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Skills for Life

Participating youngsters strengthen their faith in the future and find their strengths with art and creative activities.

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