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The Finnish Children and Youth Foundation (FCYF) promotes and supports youth in Finland and abroad. FCYF aims at enhancing young people’s life skills and reinforcing their strengths.

FCYF develops and executes efficient and influential programs in Finland and abroad. We challenge and encourage different actors of the society and companies to participate and share the responsibility for youth who need support. Companies are offered reliable and concrete ways to execute their corporate responsibility through investing in FCYF’s programs and using their expertise for the benefit of the youth.

FCYF was founded in 2001 and is a politically and religiously unaffiliated organization.

Actions for youth

“Discover your potential, trust your talent and make the most of your opportunities” is the message we want to transmit to the youth. All of our activities are realized in accordance with this thought.

FCYF operates in diverse ways. In Finland, there are several ongoing projects. The DREAMS program (starts fall 2015) aims at enhancing youth’s life skills within academies and schools. The Myrsky program (Engl. Storm) aims to prevent social exclusion of young people through arts education.

Through the international program, we support the disadvantaged youth in Latin America and Africa achieving a better life by promoting employment, participatory citizenship and learning. The international program is implemented through development cooperation with the local partner organizations. FCYF is a member of the International Youth Foundation's (IYF) Global Partners' Network.

The Finnish Children and Youth Foundation - Values

  • Responsibility - we carry our share of social responsibility, are transparent and offer companies a channel for implementing corporate responsibility programs.
  • Open-mindedness - we take new challenges open-mindedly and seek solutions in cooperation with a variety of actors.
  • Equity - we cooperate with a variety of different kinds of people to support a diverse and equal society.
  • Caring - we care about you.
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