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Sustainable Money Relationship

Money is an emotional subject and therefore it is important to learn to speak about it early in life. The Sustainable Money Relationship project focuses on building a sustainable relationship with money. Youth in pre-vocational training explore their feelings and attitudes towards money and consumption through digital storytelling.

Money should not be a cause of stress to young people. Our aim is to support young people from vulnerable backgrounds and work with them to create sustainable financial futures.

The project combines emotional awareness skills and money skills through digital storytelling. During the three years long project, we will reach 450 students in local workshops, as well as 120 teachers and instructors in training seminars nationwide.

According to studies*, Finnish people are experiencing increasing difficulties with money and especially young people are getting in trouble with their personal finances. Disadvantages in financial situations are over-generational and thus create unequal possibilities for the young to build their own sustainable futures. Therefore, preventive work is important.

Emotional awareness skills are connected to money management. Learning to recognize feelings and behaviours will help young people to build a more sustainable future with money and consumption. Working around these themes will also open their perception of the impact money has on society and on the individual.

During the workshop, youth in pre-vocational training explore their feelings and attitudes towards money and consumption through digital storytelling. The students write, draw, film, and edit their own fictional or non-fictional short films. Digital storytelling is an inspirational method that encourages an open discussion on money matters. The creative process allows students to choose the level and the perspective in which they want to convey their own personal views.

Our collaborative company Danske Bank is taking part in the workshops in a mentoring session. Danske Bank volunteers visit the workshop as mentors and talk about their own money relationship. Together with the students, the mentors discuss money matters and share their expertise and perspective on everyday economy.

During the project, we train teachers and youth workers on the digital storytelling method and good practices towards discussing money matters with the youth. A teacher’s guide will be published during the last year of the project.

Sustainable Money Relationship is funded by STEA – The Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations and our collaborating company Danske Bank. The pilot for this project was executed in collaboration with Danske Bank in 2019.

*) Suomen Pankki, 2018: Talouslukutaito 2020-luvulla. (in Finnish) [Bank of Finland, 2018: Economic literacy in the 2020’s] 

Watch digital stories on our YouTube playlist!

Sustainable Money Relationship

Duration: 2020–2023

Target group: Youth in pre-vocational training (“Valma” programme), teachers and youth workers

Funding: STEA – Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations, Danske Bank 

Number of participants: 450 pre-vocational students, 120 teachers and youth workers

Areas of operation: Kuopio, Joensuu, Lahti, Kouvola, Nurmijärvi, Kerava, Vantaa, Espoo and Helsinki

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