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Possible Worlds

In today’s rapidly changing world, perceiving your future and career can feel almost impossible. Possible Worlds is an expedition to different futures, an excursion that combines futures studies with gamified storytelling. Only by creating possible worlds and exploring unknown futures can the uncertainty regarding one’s future be decreased.

The Possible Worlds -project combines futures thinking with roleplaying methods in an unprecedented way.

Youngsters that have dropped out of school feel often dispossessed and fear further failure. The project aims to strengthen the participants’ faith in the future and the involvement in working life. Participating in an activity that combines futures studies and roleplaying strengthens the youth’s faith in the future as well as and their skills: creativity, critical thinking, and the ability to learn, which all are central in working life.

Possible Worlds runs through the years 2020–2022. Its target group is youth at the age of 18–24 that dropped out of secondary school in the Capital Region. By 2022, the project will reach 150 youngsters through workshops that combine roleplaying and futures thinking.

In the inspiring workshops, the youth explore unknown futures and investigate what work looks like in the future through gamified methods. During the activity, the youth also visit a company, where they serve as specialists regarding the future of work. The lessons learned during the project will be shared both with professionals who work with youth and with the employees of participating companies through webinars and seminars.

The project is supported by STEA – the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations through the years 2020–2022. In addition to STEA, the project is financed by our corporate partners Deloitte and Vantaan Energia.

Possible Worlds

Duration: 2020–2022 

Target group: youth ar the age of 18–24, that dropped out of secondary school. 

Funding: STEA – the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations, Deloitte and Vantaan Energia 

Participating youth: at least 150  

Area of operation: The Capital region 

Oskar Sandqvist


050 346 8725

Milla Minerva Mertanen


050 572 8642

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