Company donations

All donations are important. They enable our work on behalf of youth. 


1) through online banking using the Donate button here.

2) via bank transfer to our donation account: The Finnish Children and Youth Foundation

Aktia FI30 405500 11467160, write the company name in the message field

3) By ordering an invoice at

We thank your donors on our website. If you would like to make your donation anonymously, please indicate “anonymous” when you make the donation.


A company can also donate to benefit youth regularly and thereby accumulate a significant total donation over the years. If you wish to become a regular company donor, please kindly contact us.


Christmas is a time to remember. A company can remember its partners in cooperation and different stakeholders by making a special Christmas gift donation to support youth.

A donor company receives a Supporting Youth symbol that can be used to include information on its donation in its own communications for the whole upcoming year.

In addition, the company will get a Christmas gift banner for its website, which the company can use to challenge others to join in and donate.


When a company celebrates significant events or milestones, donations can be made to work benefiting youth instead of giving gifts or flowers. A special day donation is a lovely way to be involved in building a good future.

How it works:

  1. Ask well-wishers to make a donation to the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation’s donation account, Aktia FI30 405500 11467160, and to write the name of the company being celebrated in the message field.
  2. Send your company’s contact information and the reason for the special day to
  3. We will collect information for you about the total amount of the donations as well as the names of the well-wishers.


Your company can donate a proportion of the proceeds from the sales of a product to work benefiting youth. In this case, your company will donate a proportion of the proceeds from the sold products as arranged with the support association.

Please contact us to discuss product sales donations and we will work out the details of the campaign together.


Companies that have made a sizeable donation are given the title of Honoured Supporter. An Honoured Supporter donation is at least € 50,000 and the company will be thanked in all of the Foundation’s communications. As an Honoured Supporter, you can also have your donation accumulate over several years.


We would love to discuss this more, please contact us:

Tuula Colliander
tuula.colliander(at) / +358 40 5753 626


Collection permit POL-2015-7792. Valid 8.10.2015–7.10.2017 throughout Finland, with the exception of Åland. Issued by the National Police Board 8.11.2015.