Our foundation engages in impactful work in Finland and developing countries, and we are always looking for new partners to get involved. We will work with you to find a suitable form of cooperation. As our partner, you will participate in planning and implementing the project.

Would you like to start a new project or campaign with us right from the beginning? Contact us and we’ll talk about what we want to achieve together.

Would you like to make a donation while at the same time challenging your stakeholders, employees or customers to support a good cause?

Challenge other companies to get involved

By tackling challenges together, we can achieve great things. Inviting others to join us helps us achieve our goals. A company can challenge others on its own website, for example, or as part of its corporate communications. We are happy to help you formulate the challenge or provide other practical assistance.

Get your employees involved

Let’s all get together to support youth! Challenge your employees to get involved. We would be happy to help you with easy and motivating ways you can get your employees involved.

Pro bono partnership

Your company can provide its expertise and services free of charge in the form of pro bono cooperation.

This type of partnership can include offering your space for different kinds of events, providing coffee and catering services at youth events, helping to copy materials, communication broadcast services, printing campaign materials, offering expert services, volunteer work or training.

Working to give youth a good life requires resources. Thank you in advance for getting involved and supporting our activities. We would be happy to hear what goals you have. Let’s work together to find a suitable form of cooperation.

Let’s be in touch!

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