Day’s work fundraising


Everyone needs help sometimes. A difficult life situation may come up unexpectedly, or it may last for a longer time. Strong, well-developed life skills help young people get through different situations and help them find their own path to a happy and balanced adulthood.

By participating in’s day’s work fundraising, school pupils can help young people in difficult life situations both in Finland and in developing countries. The donated funds are used for activities in which youth can learn to find their own strengths, develop their self-esteem and work with others. The challenges faced by youth in developing countries can be different from those faced by Finns, but young people all over the world share the desire to be happy, participate in society and find their place in life.


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When registering, please also tell us:

  • The name and address of your school
  • Your name and contact information (phone number and e-mail address)
  • How many pupils will be participating in the day’s work fundraiser
  • What day you will organise the fundraiser

We will send you instructions about organising the fundraiser, the necessary materials and the employer’s form, which contains instructions on accounting for the funds raised as well as the school-specific reference number.

Organising day’s work fundraising is fun and easy!



Life skills for youth in Finland.

In Finland, donations raised through the day’s work fundraiser are used for the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation’s Myrsky activities around Finland. The Myrsky activities strengthen the self-esteem of youth and their ability to trust others through participating and doing. Young people create art from their own perspectives, guided by professional artists. All art forms are represented, including theatre, comics, circus and film. Working with art, young people are able to strengthen their self-esteem and social skills, find their own identity and get experience doing things with others and succeeding together.

Support for youth in Kenya

In Kenya, poverty defines life for most youth as soon as they are born. Many have to do any work they can find in order to secure their own livelihood and that of their families, meaning that they have uncertain, unofficial and even dangerous or underpaid jobs. Youth also have difficulties getting their voices heard in decision-making, even if the decisions are related to themselves and their living environment.

Day’s work funds are used to support Kenyan youth in achieving their goals and dreams. A thousand young people receive a vocational education and participate in training in entrepreneurship, information technology and life skills. These young people will establish small companies and do volunteer work, through which they contribute to the well-being of their communities. In addition, teacher training is provided to the teachers at vocational schools, which further improves the possibilities for youth to get dignified work, influence, and move forward with their lives.

Youth all over the world share the desire to be happy, participate in society and find their place in life.