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Everyone has their own place.

“I have the courage to do things myself and trust myself, and I also have more courage in speaking to strangers and being more social.” – A youth who participated in a practical training


  • Supporting youth to find their place in studies and working life​
  • Increasing participation: own place in the community and society

Finding their own path isn’t easy for everyone. Every year, many youth are left without suitable vocational education or upper secondary school places after they finish comprehensive school. Many drop out from upper secondary studies as the selected direction doesn’t feel right, or their level of Finnish is not yet sufficient.

Next gives youth support in finding their place in studies and working life through supported internships, coaching, mentoring and small business operations. We cooperate with companies, educational institutions and other actors in the youth work field.

We encourage employers to give youth opportunities for getting to know working life, such as internships and summer jobs. Companies have the opportunity to support youth in finding their own skills and accumulating working life skills by offering them supported internships and by being youth’s working life godparents. Cooperation with universities of applied sciences is built around the coaching of youth.

Next is also in the heart of our development cooperation. Senegalese youth study music, circus, clothing design and visual arts. In addition to these, the studies cover life skills, civic competences, entrepreneurship and applied use of arts. Teachers receive further training on the use of artistic methods in teaching, and young artists do their internships in schools as part of their studies.

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Our partner in the Skills for life activities Valmet offered an internship for a hundred youths. See the article on MTV3’s news website (in Finnish): Unemployed Olli (25) got motivation to study from an internship: “Now, I again have the strength to believe that I can get where I want to go”

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Sustainable development: Agenda 2030

Good education – Humane work and economic growth – Decreasing inequality – Cooperation and partnership

The Finnish Children and Youth Foundation works according to the principles of sustainable development. The work we do for youth promotes reaching these four Agenda 2030 objectives, in particular. We want for every youth to find their place in society both in Finland and in developing countries.

Working to give youth a better life requires support from us all. JOIN OUR WORK AND BECOME PART OF THE SOLUTION