Everyone has the right to dream.

“Even if I will never become an author or a rock star, you helped me think about the things I actually dream of.” – A youth participating in a Dreams school visit


  • Inspiring stories of growth at educational institutes
  • Strengthening youth’s faith in the future

Every year, Dream inspires tens of thousands of youths to positive thinking, dreaming and working for their dreams. The goal of the activities is to strengthen youth’s faith in the future and encourage young people to take actual steps towards their dreams. On school visits, DREAMSTERS and visitors from different companies who have succeeded in their lives use their own stories of growth as examples of finding your strengths and things you love. Dream also inspires a broader discussion in society about the wellbeing of youth and their outlooks for the future.

The Dreams program is organised in cooperation with schools, and during the years 2015–2018, it has paid a visit to almost 400 upper comprehensive schools, reaching 80,000 youths all around Finland. In addition to pupils, the programme is also targeted at the faculty and pupils’ parents who are challenged to support youth and reach for their own dreams.

The Finnish Children and Youth Foundation has developed the Dreams program together with Nokia, Professor of Education Kari Uusikylä and Coach Ari Tammivaara. The program operated under the name Zest in 2003–2015. Today, Dreams is more popular in schools than ever, and almost 100 schools are queueing for a visit. The Dreams school visits are free-of-charge for upper comprehensive schools and they can be ordered through the www.dreams.fi website.

Dream also organises school and company visits in cooperation with different companies. During the visits, company employees tell youth their own career and growth stories and explain what the company does, how and why. Visits are organised in upper comprehensive schools and preparatory education for vocational training (VALMA). The VALMA class of preparatory education for vocational training lasts for approximately a year. It is designed for youth who have completed comprehensive school but have not yet found a suitable study place.

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Sustainable development: Agenda 2030

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The Finnish Children and Youth Foundation works according to the principles of sustainable development. The work we do for youth promotes reaching these four Agenda 2030 objectives, in particular. We want for every youth to find their place in society both in Finland and in developing countries.

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