Our Dreamsters spread a message of the importance of dreams and finding your own thing to young people. The Dreamsters are well-known Finns who have been successful in their own careers and life skills: musician Pete Parkkonen, actor Krista Kosonen, actor Pamela Tola, musician Tommy Lindgren, actor Essi Hellén, entrepeneur Laura Peippo, dancer Johannes “Hatsolo” Hattunen, musician Jannika B, actor Christoffer Strandberg and the world best brain damage patient Robson Lindberg.

The Dreamsters visit upper elementary schools and tell students in the 7th–9th grades through their own life stories about how each of them can find their own strengths and passions. In 2015–2018, the Dreamsters visited over 300 upper elementary schools reaching over 80,000 young people.