Every young person has the right to dream and follow their own inspiration.

Many of humanity’s greatest achievements started out as dreams – the dream of being safe, of succeeding, of keeping in touch with others, or of doing something that no one has done before.

Every young person has the right to dream and follow their own inspiration. Every dream deserves to be seen, heard, and shared. Dreams bring people together, they build trust in the future and set great changes in motion. For the first time in history, we have the technical possibilities of dreaming worldwide in real time. We encourage youth to follow their dreams and set in motion a wave of change for youth, communities and the world.


The Dreams program sends young people an encouraging message: dreaming is good – it’s worth working toward your dreams. You can work toward your dreams by finding your strengths and passions. We challenge young people to dream and take concrete steps toward fulfilling their dreams. The target group of Dreams is the whole school community: pupils, teachers and pupils’ parents.

The heart of the program is the Dreamsters’ visits to upper comprehensive schools. The Dreamsters are all well-known Finns who visit schools and talk about their own life experiences and the importance of dreams, as well as the long-term work it takes to fulfill them. At the same time, they challenge the whole school community – as well as themselves – to take part in various 30-day challenges. The challenges can be tiny things or a step on the way to a greater goal. The most important part is challenging yourself and finding your own thing. A challenge that is repeated every day might be training for a new skill, doing a good deed every day, taking a moment to exercise, meeting a new person, having a positive thought about yourself, or going to sleep on time.

The Dreams program strengthens the life skills of young people, which can be learned and practiced and which can help young people to aim for a happy and balanced adulthood. We inspire tens of thousands of 13–16-year-olds to take a positive outlook on life, and challenge them to be bold in finding their own strengths, to dream, and to work toward fulfilling their dreams. At the same time, we want to inspire a broader discussion in society about the well-being of youth and their outlooks for the future.

The Dreams school visits are carried out in Finnish and Swedish. You can book a visit to your school from the links below:

Finnish Dreams school visit >>>

Swedish Dreams school visit >>>

Take the 30 day challenge – #Dreamsteri

By daring to try different challenges, you can find your own thing and move toward achieving your dreams. You can share your own and collective challenges on social media channels, and encourage others, using the hashtag #Dreamsteri. You can find Dreams.fi on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.