Invoicing information

Invoicing address:

Operator OpusCapita Group Oyj – Itella (003710948874)
E-invoice address 003717260861
EDI code 3717260861

If you are unable to send e-invoices, please send your paper invoices to: The Finnish Children and Youth Foundation, P.O. Box 76000, 00063 LASKUNET, Helsinki, Finland

The invoicing address must be printed on the invoice, not just on the envelope, so that the scanning service can direct your invoice correctly. Please note that the invoicing address is for invoices only, other material may not be sent there.

Invoices may also be sent via e-mail in PDF format to SLNS.FI.P.103415-6(at) A single attachment will always be interpreted as a single invoice, and other formats than PDF will not be processed.