HOAX WARNING: FCYF not hiring a manager

We've received several contacts regarding a message about opening of new FCYF offices in Australia and Canada and hiring an office manager (see the message below). The message is a hoax, an attempt to gather personal information for unidentified, most likely harmful purposes.


Also, the agent behind the fraud has published a fake website at www.nuori.org. The site is hosted on a server in China and FCYF has no means to close the website.

Click here for more information about Phishing (web fraud).

FCYF's international activities

FCYF has several partner organizations in Africa and Latin America but does not have offices of its own outside Finland. Click here for further information about FCYF's international program.

Example of the message

Subject: Hello XXX | Answer to your request - FCYF.

Hello. My name is Linda. I am the HR manager of The Finnish Children and Youth Foundation (FCYF). We have received your application for the job Manager in our non-commercial charity organization.

While examining your CV, we could outline your positive skills. You are a good candidate and we appoint you for this job. You should send us document copies and fill out the application form attached to this letter so that we could have you officially employed.
About our Fund's activities:

In 2012 our Fund adopted a new International Program to provide help for teenagers, problem families, and sick children. Our office in your country is located in Toronto,Ontario, Canada. Our management team has
developed a remote management program. That means, you will work with us remotely from any town of your country with the help of modern means of
communication (Skype, email, telephone). Our system allows to provide a flexible schedule for our employees and to reduce maintenance costs for local offices in each town.

Requirements for and responsibilities of Manager:
This is a part-time job. You will work until midday. Depending on the workload, your working time will start at 8am and continue between 1 and 3 hours per day.

- This is a great opportunity for you if you have a full-time job or combine it with another part-time job to get a good extra income.

Your task will be working with financial resources of our Fund. You will use different financial tools. This kind of job does not require any special knowledge. You will acquire all necessary skills during your work.

- We need to create these jobs as we are a non-commercial organization and are not able to handle a full-value financial activity. Our organization is acting by the virtue of Canadian law and is entitled to
recruit employees throughout the territory of Canada. Your work will comprise accepting and treating investments made to our Fund by natural
and legal persons. In this regard, you will be using your personal bank account (the application form contains a box to fill out).

We assume full legal responsibility for your personal information. We have a strong privacy policy and our employees' personal information have never been subject to lost, theft, or transfer to third persons.

We appreciate the work of each employee because we are acting for the good of the society, and each member of our Fund makes her/his own invaluable contribution.

- The salary is 700 CAD per week. You will receive your salary to your personal account specified in the application form. Payments are made every Tuesday. Our manager will also provide your salary statements in
the beginning of every next month, so that you can mention this income in your tax return statement.

For this moment we require that you send us a copy of your ID or driver license (so that we could verify your identity), a filled out application form and any bill paid on your name (so that we could verify your name and address). After that, our manager will get in contact with you for an interview and will give your further instructions.

Please reply within the next few days. Don't miss your chance to join our organization. We guarantee a stable salary and a career growth opportunity.

Any questions? Our manager will always help you. Use the contact information to get in touch with him. Best regards.



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